How Do You View Your Relationship with Money?

At Zando Financial, we start the financial planning process by identifying your values and goals.  Knowing what is important to you about money helps us create a truly customized plan that is efficient and aligns with your values.


For many people, money can be a very emotional topic. How do you make rational decisions when emotions are involved? Talking and thinking about money can create complex feelings, especially when dealing with the assets you value most highly.

And, of course, these assets can be different for everyone. 

It may be an inheritance—a last gift from a loved one that you want to protect and preserve.

It may be the sale of your childhood home or the home where you raised your children—places that hold your happiest memories.

It may be your hard-earned salary or income from your business.

Whatever the background, relationship, or source, we can help you think clearly and take the emotion out of preserving your assets.